Benzoic acid
TFM ,Trifluoromethoxy
Methyl acetate, benzyl

Lianshui Huaibang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise engaging in technology development and product production. The company mainly engages in toluenes, anilines, phenols, benzaldehydes, benzyl bromides and pharmaceutical intermediate products. The company is advocated to the custom and processing of fluorochemicals and can accept the order from gram grade to ton grade. The skilled reaction types include halogenating reaction, nitration reaction, reduction reaction, ammoniation reaction, oxidation reaction, diazo-reaction, etc.

The company specializes in the research, development, test and pilot, it has strong research force, a group of experienced engineers skilled in organic chemical, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry and other fields. It also has complete research experimental facilities and perfect analytical and inspection instruments. The operation orientation of the company is to produce high-end pharmaceutical intermediates, and to make full use of our technical advantages.

Adhering to the operation philosophy of 'quality first, integrity top' and insisting on the enterprise spirit of 'series, improving, develop, innovation', we will provide the customers with perfect services.


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